My Art

I'm a mountaineer and climber with a love of and interest in the winter landscape and the details of the land, sky and natural processes which form our wild places.

I'm also a self-taught Russian speaker, who continues to work, travel and maintain a close interest in this region; but also in the intricate history and geography of some less-travelled parts of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Such experiences could hardly fail to stimulate the imagination: I relish the challenge of attempting to record and share some of those feelings.

My pictures are stored and processed digitally (some taken with digital cameras, some high-quality scans from negative film.) The images are honest records of the scene I saw: I prefer to do nothing to them that couldn't or wouldn't have been done by the "old masters" of the darkroom.

If I've broken this self-imposed rule - if I've "Photoshopped" something - in those very few cases I clearly note the image as a "digital montage."

The pictures are printed at 1400 dpi using eight-colour pigment ink and archival materials. This guarantees consistency and print longevity beyond what's possible with home consumer printers.

Fine Art Photographic Prints are the product I offer for sale. They are offered in an un-numbered open edition, signed on the print surface.

I took the pictures. The copyright remains mine: please don't steal my pictures from me.
I hereby assert my rights as author of the images on this website.

The image files have not been sold and are not for sale elsewhere (prints are hung for display and sale in Melbourne, Derbyshire.)

Ian Ferguson
March 2009