Price List

The framed prints hung in Melbourne, Derbyshire are priced separately: see "Melbourne Gallery."

DescriptionPrint Size£
Small Framed9 x 6”35
Medium Unframed12 x 8”20
Medium Framed12 x 8”45
Large Unframed15 x 10”30
Large Framed15 x 10”60

...add £2 postage and packing for unframed, £5 for framed prints (within UK, if needed)

Framed Prints
Prints framed and mounted, ready for hanging, in wooden frames. Silver or black frames are available at your choice. Mount colour is at your request or my judgement - remember to specify in your order ! Matt paper typically keeps reflections to a minimum, but gloss is available if you prefer.

Unframed Prints
Print surface may be matt or gloss. There is no surcharge for square pictures: i.e. a square picture printed 12 x 12 is charged at £30. However, 15 x 15" square prints are not available at the price above, but only as a special order.

Unframed panoramas are available at £35 for a 5" and £50 for a 7" print (measured on the short side. So, a 4:1 panorama will be 20" or 28" wide.)

Postage, Payment and Packing
Payments by cash or cheque to my home address, which I'll send you with my confirmation of price and delivery date. (Later I hope to add a Paypal option to this website.) UK postage and packing costs are noted above: or it may be possible to agree convenient payment and delivery arrangements in the areas of Melbourne (Derbyshire) or Burton on Trent. For overseas destinations I'm happy to work out specific delivery prices.

Larger Prints and Personalised Projects
What would you like ? This page can't cover all possibilities: consider it a starting point.
Let me know your special request, and I'll offer you a price I hope we can agree on.
The Wateraid donation and money-back guarantee apply equally to bespoke and standard orders.